Do you need a Virtual Assistant?​


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  • Do you need to outsource an upcoming project?
  • Would it benefit you to have an extra set of hands?
  • Do you need to offset your budget by reducing your administrator’s duties?
  • Are you in need of assistance with email and calendar management?  
  • Do you have multiple church locations and need a VA for your campus Pastors?
  • Are you looking to hire an in-office administrator and need temporary assistance?
  • Do you travel frequently and need assistance managing the arrangements?
  • Are you frustrated with the assimilation process for your New Members & Visitors?
  • Do you need a thorough assessment of your administrative department? 
  • Are you bogged down with the continual-mundane day to day operations of ministry?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, contact us today for your free 20-minute consultation! 

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 10.50.19 PMThe popularity and curiosity for Virtual Assistants (VA) within church operations is growing more and more every year. For the past decade, VA’s have seen a large rise in the corporate and entrepreneurial world.  Many pastors and ministry leaders have found the method of Virtual Assisting to be innovative, cutting edge and budget friendly.

Pastors today are entrepreneurially-minded carrying additional titles such as; Author, Professor, Consultant, Chaplain, Activist, Recording Artist, Founder, Mentor, and more. Consequently, many leaders need additional assistance beyond their administrative office. Whether you are new or established on this journey, hiring a VA is vital to the advancement of your Ministry.  

At your convenience, schedule a consult to discuss your unique needs and how Help4U can support your goals and vision.  

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