My name is Allyson Thomas-Scott, and I am the Founder and CEO of Help4U! 

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Implementing systems,  creating efficient workflows, strategic planning

and office etiquette are my specialties! 

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a skilled professional who provides a range of administrative, marketing, creative and/or technical services to individuals, entrepreneurs, churches, and small businesses from a remote location. Each VA offers different services based on their specific skill set.

What is Help4U?

Help4U is a ministry focused, high-level, Virtual Executive Assistant Agency. We help find solutions to the demands of ministry while taking on all time-consuming, repetitive administrative tasks. We assist with the implementation of our clients vision while ensuring their office operates efficiently and productively by creating systems and processes to support the infrastructure. As a result, our clients have more time and energy to focus on the growth and sustainability of their ministry.  We have flexible work hours, access to new technology, and will help offset your budget.

How can Help4U benefit you?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a multi-beneficial investment that will allow you to receive both immediate and long term advantages. These advantages will reduce the stress that comes with simultaneously leading and multitasking necessary tasks, improve how you spend your time and increase your productivity. 

A important benefit to hiring a virtual assistant is the low operational cost. With a remote worker, ministries will not have to provide the space, training, equipment and related costs of hiring someone on premises. Insurance, high salaries, taxes and regulations are also some of the challenges to be avoided.

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